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Authors’ Websites

on December 6th, 2010 by Linda Pearson

An author’s job is only half done once the book is ready for sale. The other half is the marketing side of things. Marketing includes setting up book signings, contacting book stores to make sure they have your book in stock or available for order, and letting readers know you as a writer. The closer readers get to the writer, the more likely they are to continue to purchase your books.

One way to promote yourself as an author is to have a website. This can be as simple as a plain blog or as complex as an ordering system for your readers to purchase your books directly from you.

PSP Web Design and Hosting (another section of PS Publishing) offers website hosting and website design. Since the website design and hosting is part of PS Publishing, we have a head start on what you need as a writer. Plus, we will work with you as closely on your website as we do with publishing your book. Our authors get special treatment and consideration.

If you are an author and need a website to help promote yourself or your books, contact us by either using our contact form here or by going to the PSP Web Design and Hosting website. We look forward to working with you and helping you promote yourself online. It is not required that you use us as your publisher in order to purchase website design and/or website hosting.

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Editing Services

on December 3rd, 2010 by Linda Pearson

Our editors are Linda Sedrick Pearson and Cathy Sedrick Fenton. If you need editing services (even if you do not want to use us as your publisher), we provide those services.

Editing is an important step to any printed (or online) material. Spelling and grammar mistakes can cause your readers to lose concentration on your story. These mistakes can cause a possible purchaser of your book to put your book back on the book shelf and walk away without buying.

Making corrections after a printer has run your order can be costly. It may cost you a second setup fee. Avoid these extra fees.

Hire us to help you get your material as error free as possible BEFORE it goes to print!

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